Ashes by Kathryn Lasky 


by Kathryn Lasky
Pages: 318
My rating: B-
13-year-old Gaby is stuck in the middle of 1930’s Germany. Most girls her age are busy worrying about school work or American movie stars. Gaby’s unique situation forces her to be more aware of the things happening around her and around the world. Gaby’s father is a university professor who studies light and what the Nazis have begun calling “Jewish physics.” Their neighbor, Albert Einstein is coming under a great deal of scrutiny because of his work, and Gaby’s father isn’t far behind him.
I hadn’t heard any reviews for this book before picking it up, but I had heard that Lasky’s other works were enjoyable. Normally, I love books that deal with World War II. I really wanted to be blown away by this, but I just wasn’t. I loved that Lasky used so many great historical figures, like Einstein in this book. The other characters were just ok for me. I didn’t feel like anyone but Gaby was well developed. Another problem I had was that there just wasn’t much action. Sure, there were conflicts, but even most of those were presented during the last part of the novel. I hate that this was such a forgettable book, because I really wanted to love it. Oh well. Perhaps you’d enjoy it more than I did.