Blood Promise by Richelle Mead 


Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)
by Richelle Mead
Pages: 503
My rating: C+
Source: Library
Blood Promise is the 4th book in Richelle Mead’s extremely popular Vampire Academy series. We find the main character, Rose, in the middle of Siberia in search of her love, Dimitri. St. Vladimir’s Academy, where Rose and Dimitri met and trained, recently fell under the attack of a band of strigoi. Rose and Dimitri’s job as guardians was to help protect the moroi (royal vampires) from their evil vampire counterparts, the strigoi. Even as the two most talented guardians, Rose and Dimitri couldn’t save the Academy from pain- they couldn’t even save themselves. Now, Dimitri is strigoi and Rose is out to find him. On her way she meets a band of rogue hunters, Dimitri’s loving family, and a man whose strange appearance she cannot shake. She can’t let all of these other things get in the way of her true mission: to kill Dimitri.
Honestly, I didn‘t love this nearly as much as I did the last few. There were parts that I really enjoyed (meeting Dimitri’s grandmother), but it didn’t hold the same intrigue for me overall. Rose’s attitude was really annoying the entire time and I missed the interaction of some of the other characters with her. I’m still planning on reading the next in the series, but I hope that the plot line speeds up and really changes for the next book.