Book Spotlight: Trivia Decathlon: Olympic Brain Busters! by Gene Rose 


Do you have what it takes to win trivia gold? Challenge your family and friends in 10 Summer Games categories to claim your spot on the podium of sports knowledge.

Dive into this test of wits and wow everyone with your mastery of Olympic history. Since the first 1896 Olympics in Athens, the Games have produced a treasure trove of history, leaving a legacy of jaw-dropping moments that have been woven into the fabric of the USA.

In this comprehensive quiz book, you’ll discover the Olympian medal winner who:
* Became a star villain in a James Bond film.
* Beat a NFL quarterback’s high school javelin throw record.
* Has rock & roll royalty for a father.
* Is the youngest and oldest basketball player to capture gold.
* First appeared on a Wheaties box.
And so much more!

With more than 100 questions, “Trivia Decathlon” focuses on 10 categories, including:
* Basketball
* Swimming
* Track and field
* Gymnastics
*Film and TV
* Crime and punishment

Ready to compete? Whether you’re a solo contender or part of a team ready for a friendly face-off, this trivia challenge is the perfect book for you. Grab your copy today and let the trivia games begin!

About Author Gene Rose

Gene Rose is a seasoned strategist, author, video producer, speechwriter, and journalist. Hailing from Chicago, his journey in nonprofit public relations has taken him from Michigan to Missouri to Colorado, where he now channels his energy into exciting entertainment projects.

An unwavering fan of the Olympics, Gene and his family—wife Olivia, son Payton, and daughter Savannah—have cherished memories of attending the 1996 Summer Games and the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Their passion for the Olympics has led them on memorable visits to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and the new United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

Gene’s writing, video production, and speechwriting skills have garnered him awards from the National Newspaper Association, the Missouri Press Association, the National Association of Government Communicators, and the Telly Awards. PR Week magazine has lauded him for orchestrating one of the nation’s top five public affairs campaigns.

His first book is, “Trivia Decathlon: Olympic Brain Busters,” a trivia challenge for the serious and casual Olympic fan.

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