Dear Bully by Dawn Metcalf 


Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories
by Dawn Metcalf (Editor), Megan Kelley Hall (Author), Carrie Jones (Author)

Pages: 369
70 Contemporary Young Adult authors came together for one cause: to let teens know they are not alone. Whether playing the role of bully, bullied, or bystander, favorite authors share their stories of teen trials and tribulations and how they dealt with unkind and sometimes dangerous situations. From stories of being gay and dealing with homophobic putdowns to being a new kid in uncool clothes, authors share stories that will resonate with teens all over the world. Their message is simple: No matter who you are or how bad things might seem right now, it will eventually end and you will be better because of it.
This is a powerful piece of literature. Teens’ favorite authors, from all walks of life, have taken their time to show the youth of our country how important they really are. No matter what situation a teen might find themselves in, there is likely a short story in this book that they will be able to connect with.
Some authors even bravely came forward to say that they played the part of the bully or the bystander and gave insight into that point of view. It’s really a great thing for so many authors to show their vulnerable sides and be so supportive of the fight against bullying.