Firelight by Sophie Jordan 


Firelight (Firelight, #1)
by Sophie Jordan
Pages: 323
My rating: A-
Source: Purchased
Ever since she was born, Jacinda has carried the weight of being special. Her entire race, the draki, are special, but Jacinda is special even among her own people. She carries the burden of being human in appearance but at the same time unable to deny her inhuman urges. To add to her problems, Jacinda is mesmerized by Will, a boy sent to hunt beings like her. She’s drawn to him in a way that she can’t explain. Can she resist her animal urges and hide her true self from him? It could mean the death of her family and her race if she is unable to keep her secret. Perhaps though, Will has a secret of his own.
I was initially drawn to that beautiful, beautiful cover. I love that you can’t see her entire face. There’s just a hint of glimmer that really intrigues you and makes you wonder what this book is about. I had a bit of a time getting into the story, because it’s a little slow at first. Aside from that, there were really so many great things about this book. Sophie Jordan did a great job of creating realistic characters in a fantasy world. With so many crazy, mystical things happening, the teenagers were still facing very common teenage issues. It was refreshing to read a teen fantasy that took a different mythical creature instead of the normal vampire, werewolf or fairy (even though we all know I love those).