Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender 


Bad Girls Don’t Die (Bad Girls Don’t Die, #1)
by Katie Alender

Pages: 352
15 year-old Alexis is busy being buried in her gothic, high school outcast life to worry too much about her younger sister, Kasey. After all, it’s not as if she and Kasey are best friends. This isn’t your normal, angst-ridden tale of teenage woe. When Kasey begins acting really strangely, especially when confronted about her doll collection, Alexis gets nervous. She’s never seen her sister acting so oddly, so angrily before. All of Kasey’s enemies seem to be affected in some way after this new mood comes about. Would Kasey even get so angry that she might hurt Lexi?
Overall, this was just a so-so novel for me. It had a great story line with chilling moments, but the writing itself lacked something. I think that there was a big hype surrounding it, and that might be the reason that it fell short for me. I still enjoyed it and would most read some of the author’s other works in the future. Alender created a modern-day teen novel with the charm of a classic ghost story. Alexis first seems to be your average angst-ridden teen caught up in the woes of her own dysfunctional family. The story is much deeper than that though. It’s a chilling mystery, a tale of unlikely friendships, and a story about sisterhood. The bond between Kasey and Alexis is more than strained, which will resonate well with many teens, but the love between them is evident in spite of their differences. With quirky characters and a classic take on the paranormal and just the right amount of spookiness, this story may make you want to keep the light on at night.