Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris 


Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4)
by Charlaine Harris
Pages: 291
My rating: A
Book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels begins with Sookie in a rather dreary mood due to her recent falling out with her vampire boyfriend, Bill. On her way home from the New Year’s Eve bash at Merlotte’s she nearly hits a naked man running alone on a country road. The man happens to be none other than our favorite bad guy, Eric. Only one problem: he’s lost his memory. Sookie finds herself in charge of keeping Eric safe, while at the same time looking for her missing brother. Will she be able to keep her New Year’s Resolution of not getting hurt this year?
So far, this was one of my favorites of the series. It’s a little more fun and not quite so repetitive. We meet some new and unusual characters that are just another addition to the new world that Sookie is a part of. Dead to the World was definitely filled with more vampire smut, which I’m apparently a huge fan of. I don’t have HBO, so I’ve had to wait until True Blood is on DVD to see it. I’m really wanting to see season 3, but it sadly won’t be out for a while.
P.S. I was definitely Team Eric during this one! Who do you prefer: Bill, the southern gentleman or Eric, the bad boy?