We the Children by Andrew Clements 


We the Children
by Andrew Clements
Pages: 160
Benjamin’s life these days is so hectic. His parents are separated, he has a boating meet coming up, he sort of likes a girl, and oh yeah: The crazy custodian at his school left him in charge of saving it right before he died! Time is running out. Can Benjamin heed the words of the old man, or will the school be demolished and turned into a multi-million dollar amusement park?
This was a super quick, fun read for middle-graders. The students in my class were really loving it, so I picked up a copy back in October when Andrew Clements came to town. This wasn’t my favorite of Clements’ novels, but it was still fun. I will definitely pick up the next few in the series when I get the chance.

Like I said, Clements came to our school back in October. I got to meet him and get my edition of this signed, along with a book for my mom’s birthday. He was SO nice and really entertaining for the students. My class just wanted to sit and chat with him all day, but they finally kicked us out.